Forex Currencies

The most liquid and highly traded market in the world with a daily volume of over 4 Trillion Dollars. That’s 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Forex traders can profit from rising and falling prices alike. If you think the rate of the EUR/USD will drop, sell the pair and profit when the price falls. If you think the rate will rise, buy the pair and profit when the price increases. No matter what direction the market is moving in, you can profit from the price fluctuations.

The forex market is active around the clock with multiple trading sessions throughout the day. As one market closes, another opens so there are virtually unlimited trade opportunities to profit from.

EuroFXPro allows investors to place orders directly to the market and profit from the change in the price of one currency relative to the other. We transmit all client trades to our liquidity providers who only ever see EuroFXPro as their counterpart. This places an extra level of security on your trades. Since all the trades placed on our system go directly to the liquidity providers, your trades are totally anonymous and there is no possibility of a conflict of interest.

Since we bundle all the trades from our system, our liquidity providers see huge volumes per order which mean far lower spreads. For example, the pricing for 10 separate orders of 1 Lot each EUR/USD will differ from a single order of 10 Lots EUR/USD. Volume is king here and using our direct transmission and receipt of orders model creates substantial savings which we pass on to our traders in the form of extremely competitive spreads.

Trade Forex Currency Pairs with EuroFXPro and benefit from our trade environment advantages:

Over *** currency pairs including Majors, Crosses and Exotics
Legendary trade execution
Leverage upto 1:500
Anonymous trades – no conflict of interest
For Forex traders we offer our award-winning MetaTrader 4 platform available in Desktop, Web, and Mobile versions.

Spot Metals

Gold and Silver are one of the earliest known investment instruments. Gold and Silver have always had a particular hold over investors and with the addition of Spot Metals to the EuroFXPro asset list, you now have the opportunity to trade these directly against their USD price.

XAU/USD (Spot Gold) and XAG/USD (Spot Silver) are available for trade 23 hours a day, 5 days a week. The quoted price reflects the value of 1 OZ of Gold (or Silver) expressed in USD.

Gold and Silver have long been considered Safe Haven investments. That is to say investments that are generally considered to be long-term profitable. There is after all only so much Gold and Silver available and as stocks run low, prices rise.

During periods of financial turmoil, more and more investors turn to these precious metals as a hedge against falling financial markets. Gold, in particular, is viewed by many as the commodity which most directly reflects the prevailing stability of the markets.


CFDs (Contracts For Difference) are a form of transaction where a Buyer and a Seller agree to exchange the difference in the opening and closing values of a contract for an asset or financial instrument. CFDs are typically traded on leverage, so on the EuroFXPro platform, for example, depending on your account level, you can trade CFDs at up to 1:500 leverage, resulting in a compounding effect for your trade profits.

The price of a CFD follows the price of the actual underlying asset. That asset, however, is never owned by traders. What is traded is the value of the contract. On the EuroFXPro platforms, CFDs are available for a wide range of assets including Energy Futures, Metals and Agricultural Commodities while the CFDs themselves are tradable on our award-winning MT4 platform.

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