In a world of constant change, where technology has permeated every aspect of our daily lives, the world of online trading has taken huge strides forward in what is now available to retail and institutional traders alike.

The range of tradable assets on offer, the speed of execution, the range of trading platforms on offer. All these and more would be unrecognisable to traders even as recently as five years ago.

EuroFXPro has always striven to be at the forefront of this technological wave sweeping the industry. We’ve always looked to tomorrow to see what our traders deserve today. With more and more traders coming online and internet connection speeds doubling every year, broker infrastructure hasn’t always kept pace with these developments.

Spotting a great move in the markets only results in a great trade if your execution speed is up to scratch. This is the true winning formula for successful online trading. Being able to execute your trades as near as possible to your target price.

Our trading environment is volume based, that is to say we transmit client orders to our liquidity providers and earn a very modest brokerage fee for the volume of trades. There is no conflict of interest with client trades.

Our brokerage commission comes in the form of the spread we charge on the various instruments we support. The table below shows our full spread break-down

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