Withdrawals from EuroFXPro trading accounts are a simple and straightforward procedure. As with everything we do, the emphasis is on client satisfaction and this extends to our easy withdrawal process.

To make a withdrawal from your EuroFXPro account, please log in to your account with us and fill out a withdrawal request form. We process all withdrawal requests within ****** working days, however, we have no control over when your financial institution actually credits your account with the withdrawal amount. We will, however, have the relevant reference number for the withdrawal from us and this can be queried with your bank for confirmation.

As with all the EuroFXPro procedures, our withdrawal process is subject to our KYC (Know Your Client) and our AML (Anti Money Laundering) policies. To comply with these policies, any withdrawals can only be made using the same funding method as was used for the original deposit. Trading profits may be withdrawn to an alternative funding source, however, the name and details of any alternative funding source must match the details of the original deposit. For example, a client makes a deposit of $1,000 using a credit card and realizes a $500 profit.

The client wishes to withdraw this $1,500. The original deposit amount ($1,000) can only be withdrawn to the same credit card used for the initial deposit. The balance of $500 may be withdrawn using an alternative method but only to an account matching the details of the client.

Withdrawals from a EuroFXPro trading account are processed by our partner Payment Processors.

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